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  • Higgins sidecar designed and engineered by SRK Engineering Bathurst NSW to accommodate a wheelchair (both manual and electric, subject to size and weight restrictions)
  • The sidecar is fitted with either a wheelchair or armchair, depending on the passenger's needs
  • Our wheelchair is a very comfy manual chair with a lambs wool seat cover and extra cushioning underneath
  • Our armchair is large and comfy with a padded seat and back rest
  • The sidecar is also fully equipped to take the passenger's own wheelchair (both manual and electric, subject to overall weight and dimensions - click here for more info)
  • A ramp at the rear lowers to allow easy access for loading wheelchairs, and doubles as the rear door
  • There is a side door that allows access for able-bodied passengers, and for securing wheelchairs in place, once loaded
  • Both the wheelchair and armchair are secured by the Q-STRAINT securement system (the world's leading securement system) - 2 in front, 2 in back
  • A lap seatbelt keeps you secure and comfortable in both the wheelchair and armchair, and a padded upper body support is available if required










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