Technical Information
The Bike:
  • 2005 Honda VTX 1800cc
  • V-twin 1800cc 5 speed shaft drive finished in metallic black 

The Sidecar:
  • Higgins sidecar designed and engineered to accommodate a wheelchair (both manual and electric, subject to size and weight restrictions)
  • The sidecar is fully equipped to take the passenger's own wheelchair (both manual and electric, subject to overall weight and dimensions
  • Our wheelchair is a large and very comfy manual chair with a lambs wool seat cover and extra cushioning
  • A ramp at the rear lowers to allow easy access for wheelchairs, and doubles as the rear door
  • There is a side door that allows access for able-bodied passengers, and for securing wheelchairs in place once on board
  • The wheelchair is secured by the Q-STRAINT securement system (the world's leading securement system) - 2 in front, 2 in back
  • A lap seatbelt keeps you secure and comfortable in the wheelchair and a padded upper body support is available if required


The sidecar was designed with three things in mind:
  1. it had to be safe
  2. it had to be practical
  3. ... and it had to look good!
Through innovative design, careful attention to detail and access to experienced professionals, the sidecar has achieved all of these requirements.

The completed motorcycle sidecar system has been thoroughly tested in all conditions and situations resulting in full accreditation and registration through Queensland Transport. The sidecar has performed to all expectations of safety, comfort and enjoyment. Insurance conditions and requirements have been met and full business and liability insurance is in place.

As mentioned earlier, the sidecar is perfect for everyone and anyone. We are well equipped to cater for any special needs.

Rear ramp folds down for easy access
Q-Straint straps secure the wheelchair
to the floor of the sidecar
Sidecar is accessible for both
manual and electric wheelchairs